Sip and Compare Club

Host a wine-tasting soirée with your loved ones and let the conversations flow as you delve into the contrasts and similarities between each bottle. Whether you’re a seasoned wine enthusiast or just beginning your wine adventure, Sip & Compare promises a sensory exploration like no other!

  • Six bottles, two varietals.
  • $130.00-150.00

Classic Cellars Club

A journey through an exceptional selection of reds and whites, each a tribute to the appellations of France, Italy, and Spain. Within this ensemble, you’ll find a harmonious blend of flavors and a celebration of rich heritage from some of the best appellations in the world.

  • Three red, three white
  • $130.00-150.00

Latitude Club

This collection comprises three exceptional bottles of distinguished wines sourced from celebrated regions around the world. Learn about the history of the vineyards, steeped in generations of tradition.

  • Three bottles, your choice of red/white/rosé
  • $150.00-170.00

Stories Club

Expand your palate and knowledge as you sip and savor your way through the compelling narratives that come to life in every glass. Whether it’s a winery that withstood the test of time despite challenges or a winemaker who dared to take a different path and redefine the art of winemaking – these stories will elevate your wine-drinking experience to new heights.

  • Six bottles, three red, two white, one bubbly
  • $200.00-225.00

Your Personalized Wine Journey

Discover the wine that matches your current preferences! Are you a fan of rich and bold reds? Or do you prefer the crisp and refreshing taste of white wine? Perhaps you adore the effervescence of sparkling wines? Whatever your taste, we’ll curate a selection of 6-12 bottles tailored specifically for you. Cheers to finding new wines and expanding your tastes!

We’ll maintain a record of your past orders, ensuring each shipment brings you new and exciting choices, while also gladly repeating your favorite selections. Relax and leave the rest to us – we’ll take care of the entire process!

All prices plus tax and shipping if applicable
Hamilton deliveries are scheduled for the 3rd Wednesday of the month

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Spring HOURS: Open until 9pm on Graduation Weekend!!!

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Tuesday-Friday 12-8    Saturday 12-7



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