Solar Del Alma Natural Malbec

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Led by winemaker Maricruz Antolin, Solar del Alma is the first to make organic and biodynamic grapes in a certified organic winery in Mendoza, Argentina. She believes these gentle, sustainable practices offer an important blend of nature and human touch and allow a pure representation of terroir.

The grapes are cultivated using organic and biodynamic method. Harvested by hand in boxes of 15 kg. As soon as the grapes are received in the winery they do a double selection and then fill the tank by gravity. Using gravity avoids crushing the berries and any early oxidation. One week before harvesting they harvest a small quantity of grape to make a natural "pie de cuba". This is added in the tank on the same day that it is filled, The idea is to start the fermentation quickly. When the alcoholic and malolactic fermentation is complete, they press and cool down.

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